Cutting edge technology and
the best designer patterns

The water transfer printing process known as “Camouflage” allows you to decorate the surface of objects with very irregular shape, such as firearm stocks and forearms, to make them look either more real and life-like (traditional hunting camouflage) or compliment their futuristic, military or tactical look. The application of any hydrographic pattern requires incredible discipline, utmost attention to details, visual and manual skills. To the benefit of all our OEM customers, Lancelotti Mara Srl have access to the best designer patterns on the market today. We are particularly proud of being official licensed decorator for REALTREE and their sister company IMMERSION GRAPHICS CORPORATION, both leaders in the design and supply of hydrographic films and technology for the Outdoor industry.

“It is an honor for us to collaborate with people who take their work so seriously that they master the technology”

T. Lamie Haga

C.O.O. / GM, Immersion Graphics Corporation - Final Finish ®